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The DAF (Duck Athletic Fund) amount indicates the minimum annual per seat. Meeting the minimum DOES NOT GUARANTEE seating in a particular section. If you are requesting new season/single game tickets, or making seat changes, seating allocation will be based on availability and all requests will be filled in priority point order. Contact the Duck Athletic Fund for more information.

** For the 2018 football season, donors sitting in or requesting 28 or 34 preferred may request club access by noting that on their season ticket renewal/order form.The per seat contribution for Club access is $1,130 per seat for these areas. Club access is limited. New requests will be filled in priority point order to the first 500 accounts requesting access. Donors will be notified if requests are unable to be fulfilled.

Ticket prices shown above include a loyalty discount for current football season ticket holders. Contact the Duck Athletic Ticket office for first year pricing at 1-800-WEBFOOT.

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Oregon Athletic Benefits

All rewards and benefits are awarded according to the priority point system. You must be a current member to have active points. Membership begins by making a minimum pledge of $50 to the DAF for the 2018 calendar year.


To reward longtime supporters of Oregon Athletics while allowing new donors to acquire appropriate seating
and parking benefits in recognition of their support of student-athlete scholarships and other related athletic department expenses.

Priority Point Formula

  • 1 point per $10: Current year unrestricted DAF donations
  • 1 point per $100: Lifetime athletic donations and restricted gifts
  • 1 point per $500: Deferred pledges
  • 1 point per consecutive year of season ticket purchases

Priority Calculations

Points are recalculated based on current records, four times a year: February 23rd, June 1st, October 26th and December 31st. Some variations may occur. Check out the calendar on page 23 for more information.