Experience The Mo

It’s an anachronism in what’s becoming a monochromatic world. This is where the many shades of green, yellow, silver, et al. converge on game day to embrace all the incarnations of the Ducks that have existed over the years. The highlights go back as far as the most tenured fan present can remember. If you’re coming to Autzen, you have to experience The Moshofsky Center tailgate at least once on a crisp, fall game day.

Get there early and buy a beer and some food from the well-represented selection of menus (try it all, we won’t judge). Then settle in to watch one of the games on the scattered big-screen TVs. But keep an eye out for when other fans start to form two parallel lines stretching the length of the facility. Get into position quick and make sure your camera is ready so you don’t miss the March to Victory.

It starts with the marching band, and the fight song. A game-day intern will sprint through a set of doors followed by drums and trumpets blaring Mighty Oregon. The cheerleaders and football team will be right on their heels. It’s a jubilant moment, even for the cynical, to see the entire team passing through the gauntlet of high-fives. They’ll hug friends and family, and greet fans who have come to every March for years. There are fans here who have been Ducks long before any of the current player ever picked up a ball. Some before any of the coaches. It’s a chance to wish the team luck, offer encouragement, and let them know we’re all behind them no matter what.

After the March to Victory, catch the meticulous choreography of the Oregon Cheerleaders, one of the most professional cheer teams in the country. Their performance never disappoints and they’re always welcoming to children and selfie seekers.

The company, music, food, and games, will keep any family entertained until kick-off. The party atmosphere and classic tailgate vibe brilliantly taps into the seam of devotion, fun, and community at the heart of the Oregon Ducks.

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